Custom Home Theater

How to Get Started

When it’s time to put together your home theater system, don’t settle for a simple home theater-in-a-box.  Dr. Stereo will show you how to utilize your space to make movies and music look, feel, and sound like real life!

First, give Dr. Stereo a call.  Whether you’re building a new home, finishing a basement, or converting a living room, we’ll come out to your place to do a FREE consultation to evaluate your space and see what your needs are.

Second, visit our showroom.  We’ll show you some personalized options for your home theater system.  For video solutions, we sell big screen TVs and projectors.  It’s wise to build your home theater around the size of your TV—the bigger the picture, the bigger the sound.  We offer quality speakers ranging in size, price, and purpose.  There are satellite, bookshelf, and floorstanding speakers at our showroom.  We also offer a variety of subwoofers to get you the right amount of bass for your room.  Also available to listen to in our showroom are in-ceiling, in-wall, & on-wall speakers.  These are good solutions for those who are limited on space or who want to keep as much floor space as possible.  Lastly, we have various options for amplifiers, receivers, BluRay players, movie servers, racks, and so much more.

Third, please ask questions!  We don’t want you to feel like your questions are silly or dumb.  We have been in the electronics industry the majority of our lives, and we know that investing in a home theater is a decision you don’t make every day.  We want you to love your system!  After all, it’s for you and your entire family (and friends) to enjoy!  Therefore, we encourage people to ask questions.  Our customers tend to better utilize their new equipment when we answer all of their questions, which in turn creates a more user-friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Please know that all products that Dr. Stereo sells are specifically selected by our staff based on their quality and performance at various price points.  Dr. Stereo is an authorized dealer of the brands that we carry, which means that our customers will be covered under warranty.  Also, our labor comes with a lifetime warranty.  You won’t go wrong choosing Dr. Stereo as your home theater expert!

Get your Custom Home Theater set up today!