Smart Audio & Video

We make your Smart TV / Audio even Smarter!

Smart TVs are all the rage. If you already have one, you may (or may not) be using all the many cool features of your TV. Dr. Stereo will explain how to best utilize what your TV is able to do and integrate it with any other electronics equipment that you may have or have yet to purchase. One example: many people don’t realize that their Smart TV needs to be programmed for 5.1 Surround Sound to enable that feature.

Dr. Stereo loves to make your audio/video system easy to use. With an all-in-one remote control, you will make your system much more user-friendly. Dr. Stereo programs universal remote controls that integrate your components the way you want to use them. Watching TV or a movie is simple and fun, no matter how small or large (or intricate) your system.

Get your Smart Audio & Video set up today!