Tech Accessories

Use your system to its full potential

Are you using your system to its full potential?  Do you have the right cables for the application?  Do you want to hide all of your A/V equipment in a closet so it’s out of the way?  Did you know that in order to run a true 4K video, you must have an HDMI that can carry 18 gHz of bandwidth?

Dr. Stereo offers a vast array of HDMI cables, transmitters, baluns, convertors, etc.  We sell and install the proper speaker wire and cabling in order to meet building codes.  The better the cable, the better the transfer.

Dr. Stereo also sells custom rack mounts as a solution for people that have multiple pieces of equipment.  Your home or business may have a closet which has all wires running to it.  Don’t have a big mess of wires laying around—a good rack makes it easy to tidy up the many wires and cables in your system.

Better cables, better transfer

Last but not least, don’t forget to protect your electronics.  No sense in investing in a nice, new A/V system that ends up getting fried by an electrical shock or lightning strike.  Dr. Stereo sells various surge protection devices to be sure your equipment is properly protected.

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