Wireless & Multiroom Audio

We help you Navigate all your Wireless Choices

There are many wireless options in today’s world.  If you have purchased a home, or even if you’re renting, and you don’t have the ability or the ease of running wires through your walls, then choosing wireless technology is a good solution.  If you own a business, there are many ways to wirelessly have sound in individual rooms or areas.

There are various wireless speakers and equipment on the market that are able to connect to your WiFi network.  This allows you to listen to your favorite music from anywhere in the world, whether that’s your favorite local radio station or a station overseas.  With the integration of wireless components into your network, you will be able to control your audio system from your smartphone, tablet, or iPad as well as from a universal remote control.

It is possible to hook up multiple wireless speakers throughout your home or business.  Listen to a radio station in the bedroom while one of your family members is listening to TV in the living room…  One colleague could be listening to a live podcast while another is listening to their favorite news channel.

Dr. Stereo helps make it easy for you to watch movies with wireless technology, also.  Dr. Stereo sells and installs wireless soundbars, speakers, and subwoofers.  Also, Dr. Stereo integrates technology that is able to wirelessly stream High Definition video signal to TVs and projectors while maintaining great picture quality.

Dr. Stereo tip:  when utilizing wireless technology, it is important to have a good quality router that has wide bandwidth and is able to carry high signal-strength throughout your home or place of business.

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